Dominique Grubisa Background

Read my background story where I cover where it all started, my education and successes and failure.

Who is Dominique Grubisa ?

Dominique Grubisa doesn’t just talk the talk of property investment and development, she walks the walk. She has been involved in scores of successful property deals – from simple flips of distressed properties, to sub-divisions and small developments, right through to larger scale residential projects. She understands what’s required for a successful deal – and what you as a new player in the sector, need to learn.

Dominique’s personal interest in helping new property investors find their feet stems from humbling and life-changing experiences in her own life. Back in the early 2000s, she was a highflyer with fingers in several successful property investments. It all came crashing down when the global financial crisis and some poorly timed legal action combined to topple her empire. Within a few months, she and husband Kevin had lost everything.

As Dominique rebuilt her life, she realised she wanted to share her knowledge with others who were struggling with debt, looking to build wealth for their families and who wanted to protect their assets. After appearing on channel nine’s A Current Affair to speak about debt, she was contacted by thousands of people asking for help. Dominique realised there was a gap in the market to help Australians grow wealth through property education.

More than a decade on, Dominique firmly believes every individual has the capacity to change the direction of their life.

“I believe that each and every one of us has the right and the potential to choose our own financial future – to be in control,” she says. “I am committed with heart and soul to spreading that message, and that’s the reason why I created the DG Institute. To let people like you know that they can achieve their dreams and live the life they want.”


Stevie Award Winner 2018

Female Entrepreneur of the year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand

My Business Awards Finalist 2019

Businesswoman of the year Finalist

Stevie Award Winner 2018

Female Entrepreneur of the year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand


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Before property and wealth education became Dominique Grubisa’s calling, she had a long and successful legal career. She studied law at the University of Sydney, earning a Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws and becoming a solicitor in 1994 (not currently practicing). Dominque was admitted to bar in 1996 and enjoyed a successful career as a barrister up until 1995. Gradually, her focus has shifted to business, education and property.

Successes & Failures

Every career has its share of highs and lows, and Dominique’s has seen plenty of both.

The low points include losing everything back in 2008, when Dominique and her husband Kevin went spectacularly broke. The pair had been successfully investing in the residential property market for a number of years and had a portfolio of 15 properties to their names. Then, the GFC combined with a poorly timed legal battle saw their empire come crashing down. Dominique found herself camping with her family on the floor of her mother-in-law’s home.

But there have been plenty of high points too. From a successful career as a top barrister (prior to the GFC) and Dominique’s current calling as a wealth educator, investor and developer and in-demand public speaker.

Following the heartache of losing everything, Dominique set out to rebuild her family’s lives. Through hard work, she clawed her way out of debt, over time rebuilding a property portfolio and successful career as an investor and developer. At the same time, she developed her passion for educating others, sharing the valuable lessons she had learned through books, courses and online learning. Today, Dominique operates the DG Institute, a wealth education service whose aim is to empower everyday Australians to grow and protect their wealth.

The DG Institute educates clients on how to grow their wealth through property education.

Dominique has achieved so much. But she sees so much potential to do more. Will you join her for the journey?